Top Keg:



The Top Keg gives you the quality of a pub-tapped beer in the comfort of your own home. Thanks to its integrated CO2 cartridge and top tap, the fun starts from the moment you pour the first pint. All the technology is concealed in the lid. A CO2 cartridge keeps the beer fresh for days, ready to be poured at any time.

The tap can be closed again and the keg put back in the fridge. Whether for a personal or professional occasion, the Top Keg will always make a good impression.

The manufacturing of the Top Keg is subject to strict quality standards. They are in accordance with the latest state-of-the-art technology and meet the requirements of the Foodstuffs and Commodities Act (LMBG).


Pour your beer like a professional in 3 easy steps!
Pull the tap out to break the seal.

keganl2 Push the lever back to activate the CO2 cartridge. Pressure is building inside the keg.  

Release the tap handle from the lid and slowly pull forward.
Start pouring your fresh beer!






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